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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Smart Products Aren't

Having trouble with an LG Smart TV: cannot update the built in browser to cooperate as it used to with Google Drive.

Short version: 'Smart' products are not built by or for operating systems like Windows, Android or Apple.  They have limited functionality out of the box, and are far harder to optimize than a phone, tablet or computer, or they are impossible to, and the interfaces blow.  Better you run your online media from the appropriate device by cable/Wifi-dongle to a dumb TV.  This is the experience with my TV, and I have read it similar for cars and other consumer products.

LG customer service has been useless, as all corporations' are.  In short, I have discovered we can't load any browsers or apps of our own choice, nor update the ones we have.  Who knows if any update automatically?

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