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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Teachers in Ontario aren't given computers... 2014?

Anyone have experience with a Chromebook?  I need something dirt cheap for simple tasks to teach my class as my school board's so fucking stupid teachers don't get a computer of their own in... 2014!  

My principal actually repeated the same imbecility used when I started in 2000: 'computers are for the children, not the teachers'.  Funny they expect me to complete reports on them, check my board email, and more, yet stolen minutes in the computer lab when someone else's class is trying to find computers still working doesn't cut it. Principals must be attending the same administrator's seminar as the first moron who repeated something at me too stupid to ever exit my mouth in earnest.  It was stupid fourteen years ago, and the expansion of the web hasn't made it less so, you know?

Entering a new school, was it too early to give my principal my 'are you fucking stoned?' look?  Too bad.  Good impression gone, as if it would have lasted.

Advice on the cheapest tool to use web, Word and Excel, please. I refuse to put any real money in.  If it isn't stolen or broken, it's still too beyond belief it isn't standard staff equipment for me to pony-up much.  There's going to be no personal data on the thing, most items stored online (no children's surnames or other identifiers).  Thanks.


  1. I was looking at the Chromebook but you don't have Word, Excel etc on it, just the online google counterpart. If that meets your needs and you will have internet access whenever you use it, it should be fine but otherwise forget it. Get a tablet that you attach a decent keyboard to instead.

    1. Except I want it as cheap, simple and durable as possible. Kids will use it sometimes with permission. Anything fiddly will be smashed up.

    2. Agreed on the limitations of the Chromebook. Kind of a good idea, but as I have found a basic HP laptop for $350 CAD pre-loaded with Word, Excel...