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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Toronto GTA < Chiba

Chiba Prefecture:- population, 6 201 046
- area, 5156.15 km2
- density, 1202.65/km2
- seashore and low mountains
- core population in the north, scenic in its south
- hotsprings
- great fish, it's Japan
- dozens of train lines and a real international airport
- a half hour to an international city (Tokyo) by train or car

Toronto GTA (greater Toronto area):
- population, 6 054 191
- area, 7124.15 km2
- density, 850/km2
- a lakeshore you can't get to
- sprawl to the edges
- gas stations and Tim Horton's, and Tim Horton's in gas stations
- some of the worst Japanese food or fish you can get
- two and a half-subway lines unimproved for half a century
- a half-day to an international city (New York) by plane, if the Americans don't take you aside to assault you


  1. Missing Japan already? ;)

    I have to admit, I flew into (and shortly thereafter out of) the Toronto airport earlier this year, and was bemused (to the point of taking photos) to fly over suburbs of what looked like new but very close-packed houses with not much in the way of gardens. Sure, they'd be bigger than the equivalents in Japan, but unless the perspective was playing tricks, the differential was way less than I'd expected. Anyway, while I was glad I made the effort last year to make a side-trip to Montreal, for some reason Toronto just didn't appeal to me.

    Tim Horton's... I've breakfasted twice at the one at Ottawa Airport at silly am, both times while downing some tallboys left over from the preceding week. There are worse ways to start a flight (once while watching a spectacular moonset over the dawn runways, once while watching the ground mist evaporate), though to replicate the food part I merely have to visit my local McDonalds.

    1. Toronto doesn't appeal to me either, except its tree canopy. I harrassed my J-wife yet again today with, "Can you recognize that sound Tokyo-girl? It's the wind in broadleaf trees. Note the plural."

      Montréal is worth visiting, from North America, though not from outside of it I cannot imagine.

  2. I do love Chiba. It's lovely once you get out of the commuter suburbs.

    1. Any season but summer: not enough altitude for cooler weather.

  3. The GF's from Chiba, way down on the east-coast... Always enjoy going down there for a few days. And, as expected, it always confirms that outside the greater Tokyo area, people don't suck all that much :)

    1. Agreed. I've had better help rural than urban Japan, though that's probably true in Canada also. Mind you, I'm white...

    2. Every time I've been to Chiba, I've had some random person take photos of me. The nicer ones have asked permission first. I'm not sure what it is - maybe they run a Chiba-ken sponsored "take a photo of a foreigner" competition or something?