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Saturday, 27 August 2011

My hybrid is 'big in Japan!'

Somebody's life in Japan is going better, sooner than mine.  The native-wife was at a friend's house with half a dozen J-mothers and their mono-ethnic one-year olds, and our hybrid was getting a diaper changed.

"What the... ?!  That's huge!  Look everybody."

"It's not just long, it's thick!"

"Look how tiny
my boy's is..."

And the mothers of girls sat and blushed.

I'm not bragging.  Who knows?  The hybrid's Japanese male-ancestors might have been hung.  It's nice for we pale-faces that the J-mothers presume it's from the European side; and good for the hybrid that he got a... head start.  Not to mention that the only time his father has been able to get naked with more than one woman at a time was in an onsen... and most of them were not an appealing age.

Here's to also hoping the kid got my gene for alcohol, and not his mother's.


  1. Did not mean to steal your byline, but 'big in Japan' is a cliché, usually of crap bands. Though you likely knew this when you made the play on words of your blog title, and clever it is.

  2. Looks like you have played your part in creating a future where people can be proud and say that being 'hybrid' doesn't always mean Prius in terms of horsepower.