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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Toronto: the misses just keep on coming!

Montreal is on an island; Vancouver's on a bunch of peninsulas; Toronto is neither and has Canada's longest commutes: sprawl and little investment in transit in three decades.  The happiest Toronto commuters are cyclists, and the least are transit users.  Drivers are only slightly happier than TTC riders.  Cyclists are the happiest though Toronto drivers are witless morons.  In other words, it is worth risking your neck because the roads are far beyond automobile capacity, and the transit is horrid.

Does that look like a subway system for a city of 2.5 million?  5.5 million for 'Greater Toronto'?  You can get a better idea from this N. America to-scale subway system comparison (commuter rail not included?)  The worldwide comparison to-scale is also cool.


Think the Tokyo one is a half dozen lines out of date.


  1. Wow. I love the comparisons. Vancouver's is just a bit incorrect though (although the line in question is understandably missing).

    I always kinda looked at Toronto's and thought:


    Kinda small looking.

  2. Toronto's not NY north, as the wankers who live there would love to believe: it's a second tier mid-western city. Been to Chicago, and Toronto's not even that. It's simple: good cities don't have defensive residents, because they don't need to be. Say something bad about Toronto to your untraveled Torontonian and watch the splutter.