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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Link Dump: 2011/10/13

Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now In The Fire... 投稿者 LeBoulanger04

Democrats do not represent their left wing.
US State is Orwellian, of course.
Politics is evil, of course.
Carlin nailed this years ago.

Hockey is still for thugs.

No Conservative trifecta in Ontario: I can go home to teach.
Though the RC boards haven't a leg to stand on, and I have this BS to return to.

Housing will crash in Canada, too.
Doesn't help that Toronto doesn't work.

Yes, the Japanese speak quickly, though they don't say much...
Which is why this crap can happen.

As any idiot should know this, I gave that crap up years ago and lost the weight of an infant.


  1. "Housing will crash in Canada, too."

    However, there is a huge difference in a price bubble deflating in a country that maintained traditional lending standards as opposed to what happened in the U.S. where they were thrown out the window for about three years, resulting in literally millions of houses "owned" by people who had no equity in them and no ability to pay the mortgage once the rates went up.

    Next to Switzerland, Canada has the most stable banking system in the world right now.

  2. Meant to include this link for you.


  3. Sure, we're only looking at a 20% loss in Toronto, though much more in Vancouver. Still, that and/or an interest rate hike, which has to happen eventually...

  4. Carlin knew what the fuck he was talking about, eh?

    Didn't he rant about juice, too? Or rather, shit food that claimed to be, "hearty" or "chocolate flavoured" when in actuality, "there was no fucking chocolate" in it?