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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Japan Hiking Advice

In some location of the Internet there is a thread about advice for hiking in Japan, to which I gave my two-cents under my real name.  I have changed the wording of my response enough that you won't successfully Google it (tested already).  Mine was far from the most cynical, and among the more family-friendly.
Rainy-season is a wash. Access on weekdays, unless you want to duplicate rush-hour subways, on twisted mountain roads. Ask yourself what's going to cost you less: the cost to your body of your camp on your back, or 9000y/night for the huts. At least in a tent, you can make your own dinner rather than have to take it at 5, and make it in time.  In either case, the locals will wake you at 3a.m. getting up to make the elusive summit sunrise.  J.hikers drink, like the rest of the time: join them or not. You suffer or not by the quality of your boots (Italian!) and your socks (merino!).  Your reward is the hot-spring.

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