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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Do you ride a bike, or are you a 'cyclist'?

It's an old debate that people tackle the wrong way: comes down to whether you wrench or not.
That's an old picture of my road-bike repair kit, which has since been changed and improved.  I have something similar on three bikes at any time, and more durable tools at the house.

How much wrenching you have to do to be a 'cyclist' is a matter of debate, but riding lots of kilometres and not doing your own wrenching on your dentist-bike impresses me with a lack of curiosity and responsibility (hear that elder brother?).  I am no pro, but have done some work: I have not replaced a headset, but have replaced two bottom brackets; I have not trued a wheel (without needing someone to fix it...), but have changed cogs, chainrings and cassettes; I have not built a wheel, but have repacked any number of hubs.  'A man's gotta know his limitations.'

I want to take another course than the eleven-hour Toronto School Board adult course I took, and will yet.  Until then I can do 90% of my own work, and know enough about what I can't do to know who to pay to do it well.  Certain pride in both what I can do, and know about what I can't.

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