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Monday, 26 August 2013

That's a fine elephant you drive.

Every other graduating year in my Southern Ontario high school had a car full of dead teens.  That alone is reason enough to raise my kids in the city.*

*Anything like culture is another, although Toronto barely hits the mark.  Unexceptionality of their mixed heritage in a city is another.  Some chance of a walking habit, and reasonable BMI, is a third.

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  1. No drinking? What about drugs or worse yet, texting?

    I have mentioned it before, where I live public trans is the pits. Our small place is sorta spread out so most folks drive. I got behind the wheel right at 15.5 and have driven since. It's no rarity to hear about deadly teen collisions around here. As you would suspect the BMI round these parts is, well round... Step-son has fits because we walk him to school two blocks away. He wants us to drive. And asks us what the point of a car is if we don't drive it.

    Good question my young padawan menace. Now more walky, less talky; mommy has to think.