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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Japanese are not attracted to each other!

Heterosexuals, in any case.  What else are you to make of the 1.2 births per mother and the fact Japanese is the 'visible minority' most likely to marry-out in Canada?

As usual, the easiest solution is ample immigration (the JET programme alone cannot supply all the intermarriage) which won't happen, not least because Japan is becoming a less desirable economic destination, and was never welcoming socially, especially for those from countries where Japan would be a better economic choice.  The next best is not just to do as the French and throw money at mothers having more children, but also some money for Viagra and aphrodisiacs to make the men able, and both willing (alcohol alone cannot facilitate all the couplings).


  1. Replacement rate is 2.1, if you're interested.

    I read somewhere (so it must be true), that birth rates within marriage were roughly comparable to other industrialised nations, but childbirths outside of it were massively lower. There's some kind of point to be made about that (both from Japanese and Western 'traditional family' perspectives), but I can't articulate it right now so present it here just FYI.

    1. Been a while! On your general blog, or mine.

      I read 2.2, but won't quibble, or Google. Interesting points, and the US' rate, as the 'industrialised nation' with the highest rate, has a lot to do with idiotic social, educational and health policy leading to the highest teen pregnancy rates of the same nations; UK between them and Canada I think; Nordic Europe and Holland having the lowest teen pregnancy rates (and lowest abortion rates and latest first intercourse - fuck social conservatives!).

    2. "fuck social conservatives!"

      But seriously, you'd probably catch something.

  2. "...the fact Japanese is the 'visible minority' most likely to marry-out in Canada..."

    Mix it and fix it...

  3. Everywhere I look is someone pregnant, just delivered or with a toddler. I wish the breeding problem I experience in my region would wander off and plague others. Alas, being young, uneducated, inexperienced is the hip thing to be while pregnant it seems.

    My sister is a language assessor where she lives. A girl had to miss her assessment test because she had a doctors appointment. So she rescheduled for the following day, she had an ultrasound plastered on her binder from the previous days appointment. The girl is fresh into high school, damn near illiterate and making more humans. The grass looks greener from my angle over yonder.... just sayin'.