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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

(Just for Will) Rob Ford.

The picture is a spoof of 'Canadian Heritage Minutes', of which my favourite is this I find unintentionally funny: "boat fare for the wife".

This story tells itself, so if you have not heard of Toronto's alcohol abusing, DUI driving, pot possession charged*, crack smoking, domestic and public disturbance, obese ignorant right-wing and lying mayor, let's note the entirety of that description is a matter of public record; his wife-beating and sexual assault, and drug dealing in the Conservative Party of Canada protected** family remain allegations, though well supported by such things as the poor saga of his sister's life, and who the brothers Ford consort with.  And he played high school football.

I'll just add a few thoughts I have shared with friends in the past week:
"[The admission of cocaine use is] damage control, because the video's going to go public. Nothing to see here. Ford brothers are still incapable of anything like remorse, responsibility or competence (apart from Doug's 'entrepreneurship' in HS)."
"It will kill him. Let's just hope he's not in a car to kill anyone else. I wouldn't wish the addiction on him, or the death; however, I won't pretend he has my sympathy: he's said too many hateful things he would have said as a teetotaller."
"Rob is my age. He'll be dead of his addictions by fifty. As for right now, Doug should have remembered, 'First thing, don't taunt the cops."
"If [the pigs] had evidence to charge him for DUI, let it go for something bigger, and he harms someone, heads must roll."
"A miracle he hasn't killed yet, but I wouldn't put a hit and run past him..."
"Classic: Rob gets his chief of staff to use Rob's access to search for the registration of the (undercover police) vehicle following him, but is so stunned he'd copied down the plate wrong."
"Toronto is an American city, with fewer guns. English Canada isn't so special anymore. The Conservatives made sure of it."

VICE just put up some more crazy, but they haven't been wrong yet on the Fords.  This is not funny anymore, if it ever was.
"Detectives watched a house at 51 Benway Dr. in north Etobicoke this summer. That turns out to be where a red Ford Mustang used by Lisi was parked... 51 Benway was named in a February police news release related to a missing woman, Jaclyn Dawe, 35, who was last seen there on Feb. 9, 2013."
This is why parents should have no voice in education: either they are on board anyway, or they have an excuse for all of their children whose criminality they've enabled.

*I have no quarrel with this.
**Daddy was a multi-millionaire and federal Conservative 'back bencher'.  The best the brothers Ford could do born on third base is right-wing populism in Toronto municipal politics.


  1. Can I just say that, having no real skin in this game, I'm enjoying it all immensely.

    1. Toronto was a train wreck well before this idiot, for lots of reasons, not least is the undeserved smugness of its residents for being the biggest city in Canada and having an immigrant population, because of which they like to call the city 'world class'. Let's see, biggest city in... Canada. Immigrants... like every city of any size in the world. Toronto also thinks it is a tourist destination. Um, for what? Not so much the substance abuse, but the bloated self-satisfaction: the brothers Ford are perfect avatars of the city.

      Enjoying it? Glad to see the brothers named and shamed, and will shed no tears for the heart attack of Rob or any of the members of his sick family and those who aid and abet them. A shame about the missing woman though, and others they have harmed.

  2. Ah, yes. Missing women. I hadn't really appreciated that bit. Not quite so entertaining in that light...

  3. Thank you. Spent a little time yesterday reading up, but mostly watching and wondering if there isn't some sort of vat where Lumbaughs, Becks, and Fords are churned out. Those guys loathe bicycles.
    The Daily Show really helped me to grasp what's going on.
    And I just watched that clip where Rob chases a reporter off for calling him a 'fat fuck'. I am guilty of finding the spectacle entertaining.