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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Is that why I'm tired?

This guy is my Tyler Durden?  I am Jack's sense of deja vu.

The last one is productivity by hours worked.


  1. Always nice when you find a kindred spirit, isn't it? I particularly liked the Cameron-Abe one, as I have no love for either man and seeing them both get hammered in the same strip just seems so incredibly efficient.

    Only a few months left, eh?

    1. Yup. Already in coasting mode, smug about going. I do expect this blog to flip to 'Canada sucks!' PDQ.

  2. The first one has happened so many times when I used to use the laundromat. Some little ladies would try to be sly about jacking my shit. So I would tell them politely that they had the wrong dryer... then they would claim not to understand me while trying to yank my clothes away, in Spanish. So I would quickly change to Spanish and ask if they could understand me now.... hmmm, sorry wrong dryer, this isn't my clothes. Egg on their face muahaha.