*to Hanlon's razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

My Facebook: equal friend to blocked ratio

Mine's nearly equal.  Hmm...  If I were to look at it as an extrovert and optimist, I'd think I had a problem.  I am neither of those things.

Since this is Easter, and speaking of how much humanity sucks, let me retell the story.  There was a guy who came and said "be excellent to each other", so they killed him, and some self-hating Jew* with serious issues with women reworked the story to turn the guy's movement into a plutocratic death cult of pederasts, but without Saul of Tarsus we'd have never heard of the guy.  Fuck people.

*The Jewish part I'm fine with.


  1. Blocking people on facebook is for wimps. Just delete/unfriend them.

  2. Not at all. It's for mouth-breathers: the dogmatic and the stupid, not merely the boring. People who do not deserve to share existence with me, and to the extent that I can unperson them, I do.

  3. Looking at the entire timeline of human existence reminds us that the period in which we have had civilization and all its trappings is quite short; we're still trying to figure out our own capacity for bullshit. The people who have somewhat of grasp on things, if they can maintain any kind of optimism regarding the future of humankind, tend to feel they were born too soon. I don't want to say something arrogant like, "it's so lonely up here," because I don't know that 'up' aptly describes the direction I've moved in. But, I will say that visiting the monkey cage at the zoo ceased being fun for me a long time ago...

  4. I think the majority of people I know in real life were the reason I deleted my first Facebook account. I have since made a new one (Saila Journey; I know not too clever) for travel and to add people that I choose to speak with not those that remember me from grade school who have nothing to offer in terms of enrichment other than causing me to shake my head at the amount of resources they are wasting taking up space on Earth. Maybe that's a little mean and I am probably viewed the same way by others. Maybe.