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Monday, 4 May 2015

Unlovable Toronto; Misanthrope Marathon

Nobody loves this place, unless in ignorance.  The reasons are legion, but I'll give an example to elucidate the whole.

I want to do this race in October, but I cannot easily get to it, and I live on a subway station!  What the everlasting fuck?!  The everlasting fuck in Toronto: fuck you if you don't have a car.

Here's the deal:
- all athletic events like this start early on Sundays*
- the trains do not start until nine in Toronto on Sundays!
- you can take buses before then, infrequently, and tardily
- but these will be diverted off the major streets, their normal routes
- instead of forty minutes to get there, over ninety
- I could cycle there far faster, which is probably something I don't want to do the day I'm going to run 42km
- did I mention one has to pick up the bib the day before the race at every running event in Canada (not so in Japan, but their mail works) and the location is far from any subway station?
- and nearly $100 CAD

There are no end of solutions. which can only not occur to an entire organization that has cars on the mind.  Fuck Toronto.

I may just do my Misanthrope Marathon: run on my own between two subways stations, at my convenience.

*I just missed one today, because it would take as long to get to it on a Sunday morning as it would take to get from Tokyo station to Nagoya.


  1. Yep, it's a pretty similar situation in Australia. It always seems strange that these events that promote fitness always require you to have a car.

    1. Running culture isn't like this in Japan, but cycling culture is. There's a score of events I gave up on. In fact, I gave up on event-cycling apart from one exception, as they all started in places I could not get to without a car, or could not get to for the starting time without a car. Not surprised about cycling, here and there: these events tend to attract tools who spend far more money on their material possessions than they do time on training.

    2. The stupid thing is that here, especially for the big running events, they say that they encourage people to catch public transport to stop parking issues but then don't have the public transport to facilitate that. Or they put on an earlier train but don't consider that a lot of people have to get to the train station first!

    3. Which is what happens when transit is planned by people who would never take it. Welcome to the Anglosphere!

  2. I have the same problem here in Kumamoto. Most of the running events suited to my level are in Amakusa. There are no trains in Amakusa. The bus is always stuck in traffic because there is also only one road that goes there from the city. I'd love to go there, but need to recruit someone with a car....

    1. Be a good Japanese and get up before sunrise (Japanese 4:00 a.m. sunrise!) to make it on time. Not like anyone minds you falling asleep at work, so long as your body is present twelve hours. Woops! I forgot. Wrong complexion, so nothing you can do will make you 'uchi'. Yeah, fuck it.

  3. I am doing my half marathon in October, I have the same problem. The event starts roughly 45 minutes away by car. IF I wanted to take public trans, the ride would take longer but the buses don't run early enough to get me to the starting line on time. Also I have to pick up my bib the day before... I can take the bus that day but that is well over 2 hours sitting on a bus to get my bib. I am going to attempt carpooling up with a few girls I know that are running. My other alternative is to take the bus up Saturday, couchsurf the night and run the morning of. Since it is a point to point race, I will be closer to home and public trans will be running by the end of the race Sunday.

    Good luck! :)

    1. I am just about ready to rent a room, not couchsurf - one wants to be rested! If only I had enough flying points.