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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Canadian Federal Election: refugee resettlement to Canada‏

Sent to the Green, NDP, Liberal and Conservative candidates for my riding in the October Canadian Federal Election.

I am a voter in your riding, and will vote in the October federal election. I am asking for a clear statement of each candidate's position on increasing and expediting refugee resettlement in Canada, as well as aiding displaced persons abroad. 
Most Canadian citizens and residents have displaced persons in their family history. When I was a child over thirty years ago, the Conservative, Liberal and New Democratic Parties agreed to accept tens of thousands of Vietnamese and other Indo-Chinese refugees. It was a proud moment for Canada, and does honour to each party. I have now worked with the children of these refugees, and my children are in school with their grandchildren. My Vietnamese-Canadian friends and colleagues are some of the most grateful Canadians I have ever known. 
Canada should regain it's status as the most generous country in the world to displaced persons. According to the UN we are now fourteenth. Fewer than ten-percent of immigrants are refugees. We could double this number. Despite a recession, we are one of the richest countries in the world. We are one of the most multi-ethnic, and peaceful. If not us, whom? Let it be us. 
I hope I have permission to post your response on my Facebook page and other social media. 
Thank you.

I hope to have responses to add.

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