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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Alas, Honda CRV?

Of all models I have listed before, as bland as Honda are, they are the right choice.  Not to mention, I had an eight year Civic a decade back which gave me no troubles, ever.  I believe in rewarding quality.  Getting a test drive soon.

Aiming for a city and highway AWD vehicle, my 'process of elimination':
- I found the Subaru Outback larger than I want in the city, and a wee squirrelly at highway passing speeds
- Subaru Boxer engines are... not dependable
- the Forester has a more basic interior than the CRV
- the Mazda CX5 is the anti-Tardis
- Ford is the only N American maker I would consider, but they have no cash deals... as N Americans love mortgaging their future
- wife won't buy Korean, nor do I think they are cheaper enough to do so
- Nissan Rogue is a bit cheaper, a bit less reliable, and will get me a bit less at resale, so no
- Mitsubishi Outlander isn't cheaper enough to go with a fringe model
- Volkswagen Sportwagen is smaller, not dependable, not AWD, and nearly as much
- fuck Toyota , which are not good value besides
- the CRV is nearly the biggest inside, has the best power:weight ratio, has nearly everything I want in the base AWD model, and is among the most fuel efficient

Never mind the Thai branding.


  1. A bland car is good. You don't want to be some wanker who is all about the kind of car you drive. If I was buying a car, I'd get the blandest one I could find. In red.

    1. Yes. If you're not getting a bland car, get an interesting one, like a Morgan, or an old one you do much of your own work on, because that's more badass than throwing money at a vehicle you don't understand. I have the same aversion to expensive 'dentist bikes' as I have to new-money cars: not like the performance has any place on the street, nor the tools can drive at all well. FFS, yesterday I saw a white convertible Hummer II on street rims. 'Jesus wept...'

      Otherwise, go bland if it is not an afficianado vehicle: it's just a tool. Not to mention idiots buy a car for the most extreme 1% potential use. How much dirt and paint-chips do you see on SUVs in real life, eh? Could I rarely use more room than the CRV? Yeah, rarely enough to make do or rent.

    2. Yeah, it's like getting hung up on the appearance of your power drill or blender. Actually, if I had blender that'd be sitting on the kitchen bench all the time, I'd care more because I'd have to see it every day. Cars you mostly see from the inside.

    3. I have been watching your car shopping posts and I don't look forward to the next time I need to buy. As I stand right now the car I have is still fairly new and has lots of life left in it. It's just to big for me. I am hoping the next vehicle I get is small, economical and Earth friendly. Or as Earth friendly as plastic bits can get. I look forward to hearing about the test drive.

    4. This is the most fuel efficient of CUVs in its range, without a gutless engine, but who are we kidding about Earth-friendly? Toronto, LA, and places like them make it beyond troublesome to live a family life without a car. My next issue is insurance: Ontario has the highest rates in Canada - average $2K/yr! I have been off so long I count as a new driver, albeit one in early middle-age. If they want much more than $3K/yr, fuck it.

    5. I suppose a hybrid is more efficient, or a Tesla, but I won't drive enough km to get the value in pocketbook or emissions (including the production of batteries). Commute's under 15km.