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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Perfect Randonneur - All-Roads Bike

I've got my sweet steel road bike, and an overbuilt touring bike used for kid-hauling.  I even have a fixed-gear commuter, but 'n+1' and all.

It's not going to happen very soon, but I am wanting to build another bike better for the type of riding I do, and better for when I start brevets: a low-trail 700c light-tubed steel frame that takes fenders and 35mm tires, though I'll more often run 32mm.

- lets me carry a front rack bag without affecting handling much
- light tubes and wider tire soak up road noise

The first issue is that I'll have to build it up on my own, because although the All City Space Horse is close, heavier tubing than I need, bigger chainrings and not low-trail.

I'd have to go with a Rawland Nordavingen if available again, or spend more for the TIG version of a Boulder Brevet.  VO Polyvalent's interesting, but too heavily built.  Not picky about the type of brakes, so long as they work: no low-profile cantis on the fork.
Definitely go with Retroshifts.  Easier shfting than bar-cons, with all the reliability.

Sugino OX801d compact+ crank: 30/46, paired to a 10-speed 11-30 cassette.

Minimal front and rear stainless racks, whether VO or Nitto.

One of the new weatherproof Brooks, if long-term reviews play out, otherwise another Swallow.

Most of the rest will be Shimano and other Japanese components, as I travel there often enough and can get the parts for half the price there than Canada.  Shimano derailleurs: Tiagra'd be good enough, Ultegra'd be sweet, so 105 is the compromise.  Panasonic tires with gumwalls?

Fenders VO or Japanese, and front bag from there also.

King Iris cages only!

This would never use panniers, but I may want to carry things on the top of a minimal rear rack occasionally, as well as more often in the front bag.  For a bit more luggage, I'd hope to add another boss lower on the downtube, to lower the bottle cage and fit a frame bag.  I'd probably not add bosses under the downtube, as bottles get mucked-up there even with the longest of fenders.

I really like the idea of the Blackburn Outpost Cargo Cage (better than Salsa's original) but can't see where it would work on this bike.

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