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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A memo to China: South Korea ain't Japan.

China, you're doing it %$#@ing wrong.  You know that incident in the summer where you used your naval officers on a 'fishing trawler' to establish ownership of territory disputed with Japan by ramming it into a Japanese coast guard vessel when challenged?  You know how they pussied-out: sent back the crew and the boat, and wouldn't even release the footage to their public (leaked by one of their coast guard officers who they also can't decide what to do with)?  Well that was Japan; this was South Korea.

South Korea had a few decades of university students fighting street battles with its government.  Most of the men have military training.  Their capital lives under the threat of immanent artillery bombardment from their insane northern cousins.  American soldiers get beaten up in bars.  Their national dish is kimchee.  They drink soju!  They aren't afraid of your little boat.

Addendum: more reason not to mess with the Koreans on the sea!

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  1. lolololol.... why didn't I see this on the Japo news??! Lemme guess..