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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Tokyo Disneyland is a monstrosity!

A monstrosity of taste, and of size.  I did not go there yesterday, so much as go around it: on my bike.  Its circumference is five kilometres!

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Good thing my mother-in-law, or other in-laws, will want to take my kid to the dictatorship of kitsch, as I never will.  Even from the ring road I was aghast at the vulgar scale of the buildings, and the gimcrack version of historical architectures.  In its defence, having a Disneyland in Tokyo waives a lot of carbon versus Japanese flying overseas for a 'dream date' (adults love it), and without those Disney weekends Japanese men would have even less chance to increase the birth rate.  Maybe the two-hour lines get people randy, or maybe some kids get concieved à la Fenchurch.

A decent place to ride around, but it is a bit out of the way.  There is an empty four-lane ring-road (empty weekdays), and a path on either side of that.  Not many views of Tokyo Bay as they've built a sea-wall suitable for all of the icecaps to melt.

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