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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Japan cycling: get a GPS.

I am tired of being misdirected.  I won't say lost, because I can read the maps, and do understand the address system here, such as it is.  The tedium is that once off the levée cycling roads I have to stop every couple intersections to check the map against the address banners on the nearest traffic standard.  Having few street names, and fewer signs, wouldn't be so bad if Tokyo roads were organized in a grid like Toronto's, or Kyoto's!  How am I supposed to navigate this $#!+?

So I have a stem-mountable GPS coming which ought to make short work of finding my way.  I just have to get it to work with a Japanese map, my computer and some mapping websites I use: the usual nonsense.  Once that process is done I'll make another post about the slings and arrows.

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