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Monday, 17 January 2011

Huffington Post: Japan's Declining Sex Drive.

Holy $#!+, I don't know where to start.  Let's start with the link, and follow with the page's picture, just because she's got great skin.
Reporting on sex surveys is a complete minefield, much less on a survey from another culture well known for dissembling.  That said, there's a high level of pussydom among young Japanese men, worse and worse since I first saw the place in '93.  On the other hand, I live between two 'bawdy houses', and the media is well known for portraying women as sexual devices, especially if they are not of age.  If he has cash in hand, Taro will find it a lot easier to get off here than John will at home, if he doesn't mind the most straightforward transaction.

Families are having fewer children, but if you saw the crappy state of Japanese housing stock, it would put you off having your second or third, too.  I don't think the Japanese are having a lot less sex than North Americans, but they are less likely to brag about it. They ought to be having a lot more than we do, simply because they are much better looking no matter your preferences.  You go a long way with dressing well and not being obese.  I haven't got much faith in the survey, mainly because they'd have gotten more truth if they'd surveyed the Japanese drunk, which is when the most demure young women will tell the whole office how she likes it and how often.

Among the usual waste of font that passes for comments on Huffingtonpost are a few pearls:
It may sound strange to men, but when women are given a choice between choosing their fates and being a child bride and passing something the size of a watermelon through their uterus once a year until they die in childbirth­, oddly enough they opt for more control in their lives.
Some [hot spring bath houses] are not [segregated by gender] though and they are rare....an­d frequented by OLD PEOPLE.
Just adopt the American teen abstinence program. There will be babies everywhere­. Problem solved.
Too bad the same thing wasn't happening to right-wing Christians­. Those people reproduce like yeast. 
Are they losing interest because their genitals are blurry and pixelated?
It's those darn robots, they never say no.

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