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Friday, 7 January 2011

"Post tenebras spero lucem."

I did some minor research and as I suspected Tokyo's solar noon is more than a half hour earlier than Toronto's, so that's why evenings are so damned dark!  To put it another way, Tokyo is further east within its timezone than Toronto (closer to the sun on this rotating planet).  You can use the links to determine your home city's relative timezone location.

This is less of an issue in the winter than the summer, though I do get some manifestations of SAD.  All winter daylight hours are wasted on work hours.  Toronto is blessed with late summer evenings, and sunsets after nine; Tokyo's summer evenings are dark a full two hours sooner, due to no daylight savings, earlier solar noon, and being further south.  The benefit to darker summer evenings is the feeling you've been out drinking longer.  For Japanese employees the benefit is that it sends your boss home sooner than if it were bright.  After your boss leaves you may think of leaving (shouldn't the higher earner stay longer?).

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