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Friday, 24 June 2011

Fuck you Canada! Fuck you Toronto! Fuck you Ontario?

How is this for cheap and destructive political theatre: in one week Toronto has exposed itself as homophobic and anti-urban, via its bloated avatar.
I have already written a few posts about my disgust with the Reform Party, and the electorate of Canada.  I think no better of the creature who is mayor of Toronto, and the suburban homophobia that got him elected.  There is a lot I could say about the successful 'conservative' plot to kill the liberal voice of downtown with Toronto's amalgamation, but the link explains that well enough.  Do not imagine Toronto to be what it was: the home of Jane Jacobs, or "New York run by the Swiss".

So if you went to the links in the first paragraph you could read that in one week Toronto's mayor has: said 'fuck you' to anyone who doesn't go everywhere by car, and said 'fuck you' to everyone who is not entirely 'straight'.  The latter includes me who only has had heterosexual encounters, but finds the company of many 'queers' more interesting than most 'breeders', 'breeder' though I am.  So what?  The mayor is still a high-school jock and a meathead.  'So what?' indeed.  The majority of the electorate, in most of Toronto apart from the urban portion, knew this guy's infamy and that is why he was elected.  The 'Ford Campaign' did not use race-baiting, as they wanted the part of the 'minority vote' this is homophobic: they sure did use 'queer'-baiting.  And though I was no great fan of Smitherman (certainly a lesser evil) he lost half from incompetent campaigning, and he lost the other half from being gay.

Regarding the title: Canada's and Toronto's voters are full of hate.  Usually 'the other shoe' only drops the second time, but there is going to be an autumn Ontario provincial election.  I expect a 'hate-on'-trifecta: the 'conservatives' will win this too.  Glad to be abroad, where I may just stay

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