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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Fuck you, Canada.

"Fuck this fucking city." - Steven Page, regarding another right-wing win (Toronto by Ford)
So it's official: the tolerant Canada I grew up with, doesn't exist anymore.  If I am going to be nostalgic about Canada, I am going to be nostalgic of something gone to history, or nostalgic for my university years in PQ.  40% of Canadians will vote for a party that not only do I not agree with, but is the first to be in contempt of Parliament, and...  Fuck it.  I am too tired to list their evil, not that it would do any good.  40% of Canadians are hateful.

I grew up in a more-or-less 'Red-Tory' family: a distinction that doesn't exist anymore.  I could accept a 'Red-Tory' win, but they were pushed out by the Reform Party in the hostile takeover of the Conservatives.  The Liberals are too narcissistic to organize an orgy in a cathouse.  And the NDP and Liberals were too asinine to make a coalition before this election, or the one previous.  Thanks for trying Québec: giving those seats to the NDP from the Bloc.  Why did I leave Montreal after McGill?  Stupidity?  Well, I did vote PC back then, so...  Look at how much Toronto sucks, compared to Montreal: which we already knew.  It is only Québec that has kept us at all distinct in social, international and economic policy from the US.  You should separate now, for your own good.


  1. Retardations (you).

  2. Just shows you can't be clever and be conservative; and they can't comment without saying something bigoted.

  3. just saying... but thats a swan.. not a canadian goose.. nice try sweetie

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    1. Homophobic slurs. Yeah, that's how you prove the contempt anyone who doesn't drag knuckles has for the Reform Party is wrong.