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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I, Québécois Séparatist: Redux

I have been quoted on a discussion board.  There has been approval, and reasonable argument:
So basically...get rid of a selective majority of a given place and the rest is ______. Who'd have thought?
And the other kind: right-wing.

I'll address what I quoted above.  Yes, I was selective:
subtract Québec, Newfoundland, Cape Breton, and the urban areas of Southern Ontario, Vancouver, Victoria, Halifax, and you have a very right wing country.
But my point stands: Canada is progressive in urban areas, or Francophone areas.  The remainder is intolerant: with but few exceptions.  Conservatism in Canada, as Republicanism in the States, is based on hate: hate on 'queers', immigrants, the poor, etc.  Voting to the left is not.  It is not even worse for the economy, or public debt: 'conservative' governments have done their own fine job of driving up public debt and crashing economies.  There is no party for a 'fiscal conservative' to vote for!  Look at the record.  There is one for 'social conservatives'.


  1. Thank you Derek.

    I can entertain honest political differences, but not self-delusion. If someone wants only to keep what is theirs, take advantage of the commons but deny it to others (so called 'libertarians'... until the potholes need fixing - as the joke goes), resent the younger and queerer for getting more than they do, and the poorer for putting the lie to them getting where they are by much more than luck, I might respect them if they didn't have to hide it in righteousness. A scoundrel can be entertaining. A hypocrite is just boring: none of them are unique.