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Monday, 2 May 2011

Osama killed: is there an election coming?

"Death is the solution to all problems - No man - No problem" - Josef Stalin
So we're told they killed him (maybe).  His body was consigned to the deep (bullshit).  Of course they were unable to take him alive (how convenient).  Look, I don't know what just happened on Sunday, or what happened on September 11, 2001: that means I am neither a conspiracy theorist, nor a believer in the official version.  I do know that there is little benefit to the American Imperium to be honest, and much for them to lie.  Chris Hedges should have a word:
And empire finally, as Thucydides understood, is a disease. As Thucydides wrote, the tyranny that the Athenian empire imposed on others it finally imposed on itself. The disease of empire, according to Thucydides, would finally kill Athenian democracy.
Do not forget that as many American are killed in a month on American roads as have been killed by terrorism in the decade including 9/11.  Be amazing to see but 1% spent on Imperial adventures going to reduce the road carnage.


  1. Mr. S. This is my thoughts exactly when I heard the news today that Osama was killed - is there an election coming up? Of course "the president took an increasingly hands-on role during the past two months". The imagery of the president working directly with a field agent just like an episode of 24 has to improve popular opinion. I am surprised that they didn't come out and just say it directly - Jack Bauer single-handedly captured and killed Osama bin Laden.

  2. Love the comparison to that 'torture porn' show: "24". Too bad the American public in 'fly-over' states, and the people Americans send to Washington, seem to believe it's a manual.

    I wish people would wake up, or grow a pair, and understand that if anyone has something to gain from it, they are lying to you.

  3. Not sure where "is there an election coming" fits. We're nearly two years away from the next one in the U.S. If you think this was timed for that, the attention span of most American voters is far too short for that. This was no "October Surprise" operation.

  4. I know, @Jeffrey. I just needed a succinct way to express my cynicism. There has to be a spin-able reason for this. I'd think it was a response to the Raymond Davis debacle, except I doubt most Americans care. Maybe it is to enable the draw-down in Iraq and in Afghanistan. They'll devolve into civil wars, but the Imperium can say: "So what! We got our man!"