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Friday, 9 September 2011

No shower bicycle commuting. %$#@!

If you have a shower at work, you're gold.  All you need to do is keep some toiletries and clothing at work, and decide how you'll get your change of clothing back and forth.  Leave your lock at work too, with one key on your key chain, and one hidden somewhere.

The rest of us are not so lucky, and are stuck with a modified 'Navy shower'.  Since none of these are ideal, I'll explain methods later, you are best off making sure you won't be too filthy in the first place.
- keep hair to a minimum, because it stinks, which means shaving or clipping... throughout
- shower in the morning before your ride, as overnight sweat on top of riding will be hard to be rid of
- you cannot ride at any speed and decently wear the same clothing all day
- cycling wear is designed for its purpose: find a place it will dry for the ride home

Not a true 'Navy shower', but a course of wet-towel/dry-towel usually does the job.  Pay special attention to noisome spots.  If you do not have a convenient water source, do as soldiers in the desert and use over-sized baby wipes, but anything under 40x60cm is useless, and you'll need several.  Some of the cycling-specific ones may be better, but those in Japan are not wet enough.  Use a spray bottle of water to augment.  If you do not find cycling-specific ones, look for those for bed-bound patients...  A camping-shower (bag and hose on a hook) might work, but it has to be somewhere drainage's not a problem.

Having a place to keep some clothing at work is key.  For getting it back and forth, here are a few hints:
- keep some belts and shoes at work
- pants last more than one wearing
- have bags for the bike
- or take clothes in/back on days you do not ride
- be certain you will have everything for an outfit, to avoid embarrassment

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