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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Japan Brevet Schedule

I put aside the notion of randonneuring while I trained for my half-marathon.  Still have to do the full, but I missed my chance in June when I did not have the miles, so that will come around in November: Tsukuba.

I have been futzing with my road bike to make it work.  Now I have to go out and put in the miles!  I have been getting commuting miles in on the fixed-gear all year in Tokyo, but that's not the same thing.  Meant to do 100km this weekend, but laziness and the thought of leaving the wife with the two-year old during her morning sickness...  A bit selfish.  I have done 160km over mountains long in the past.  I have run a half marathon.  I need to do better than rely on that to do a 200km brevet.

A translation of Audax Japan's 2012 Japanese schedule. The commercial site for paying/registering.

Late start for this year, so maybe one or two 200kms and a 300 km.  If I were crazy, I can do my:
- 200 in July or August
- 300 in September
- 400 in September (this is where it gets very unlikely!)
- 600 in October

I need to get that full-marathon run before wife's January birthing (don't lecture me on priorities - this blog is not about my family life!).  Two 200s and a 300 are plenty for year one, no?

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