*to Hanlon's razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Stupid Japan Tricks

Japanese don't all look alike.

But they don't look as unalike as a crowd at home, in Toronto.

Not to mention, they don't look like me.

So meeting friends in the usual Tokyo spots, Hachiko, Studio Alta... , I kept getting found before I could find my Japanese friends.*  But Arististhenes likes a challenge: I try to find my Japanese friends before they can find me.
(How long before you noted the other Gaijin having a laugh?)

My record of wins recently is higher than my losses, but stealth is a Nordic Ninja's secret.

*And by the way, Japan, meeting just where the other thirty-million people plan to meet their friends is a STUPID idea!


  1. It's even worse when you are meeting someone and they are like, I'm wearing beige and pink with lots of ruffs (or the navy and beige striped muji tunic).

    When I was internet dating last year, I always felt like the Japanese dudes had an unfair advantage. They could check me out before I ever spotted them.

  2. When I meet people, I just go to the place where we're supposed to end up anyway. If I get there early, I just have a beer and wait, which usually helps me deal with all the stupid shit that groups do when hitting the town as one big collective asshole...

  3. Just noticed the smiling man wearing the white shirt in the middle of the bottom photo. Looks like he was having a good laugh. That took me at least a second visit to your post. I'd never make it in the city. I was too transfixed by naked man and the man with the shield.