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Sunday, 21 October 2012

I am not the target market.

Getting clothes is not easy for me in Japan.  Maybe it is because I am taller than the average Japanese man,
and did not go home for a year and a half to restock the wardrobe.

It's also because the men dress like women.

(And the women like children).

Come to think of it, it's not easy for me to get clothed properly in Canada, either.  I can get something that is long enough, but too wide; or I can get something that is slim enough, and too short.  This is as I am 6'+ with the proper BMI, but everyone else wants to think I am thin.

Canada has the same chains that the US has, since Mulroney sold us out, but does not carry the same variety of sizes.  Why?  I can't see it as an economy of scale problem, since all that needs doing is to ship it up.  We will also have a much poorer, and more expensive, selection in-store or online as the same chain in the States, which would matter less if I could order up from the States without getting sodomized by Canada Revenue's duties.  'Free Trade' my ass.  For this we gave up our sovereignty and domestic economy.

It also drives me around the effing bend that, when available, my size is always sold out first.  You think maybe you don't stock enough?  Naw...

But I am in Japan now.

Bland as it is, I know what size at Banana Republic fits me, so I checked out a Banana in Tokyo.  Now, never mind that the prices are double of the US (in Canada, just 150%), but the sizes are useless.  No tall sizes (Canada too) and no inseam longer than 30".  Long-waisted or not, a lot of Japanese men are not that short legged.  What do they do?  Custom?  Have you ever tried a Japanese shop, like United Arrows?  They don't always sell by waist/inseam, but in sizes 'small', 'medium' and 'large'.  Even the Japanese are not that uniform.  Please.  That's the way to size for chicks (then again, photo 2).

It would be simple if I could go online and order from the States, right?  I can do everything but get them to ship overseas; however, Banana US is 'helpful' enough to direct me to Banana Japan.  I'd almost consider sucking up the price difference if Japan's had a size I could wear.  Suppose it's a licence issue, but why should I care?  I still need the clothes.  It's a good thing I have a brother and a best friend in the States, and I still talk with the friend.  I shipped to him, and he'll forward to me.  I send him the coin for the postage.  The result is that, even with the cost of the postage, I get twice as many clothes for the same price I would in Japan, but it fits and is made for men.

God, corporations are as stupid as people, and as easy to work around.


  1. I just received some Mixed Martial art shirts (VENUM) Gracie walk ins and they are Brazilian "L" which should be fine but they are Japanese "L" or I have become a beast? Try finding a shoe place with anything bigger than 28.

    The men....I was looking for GAP Painter/Carpenter pants and was greeted by Japanese models not rocking the wife beater or the jeans. What passes for cool over here is comedic and pathetic depending on my mood.

  2. True on the shoes, but I am a 28 so I just tell them to bring the biggest shoes they have.

    J-dude in a wife-beater? Hell, I'm not built to wear one, but at least I've accepted it.

  3. Solution:

    1. Embrace the host boy look

    2. Post outfit photos on here

    Come on, you know you want to!

  4. I'm not sure how helpful this will be for you but because I didn't want to dress like a child I found my self shopping online on websites like ASOS. The men's section seems ok (to me, a 22 year old female) and I remember the shipping costs being reasonable. www.asos.com

    1. ASOS has free shipping. They were my saviour when I lived in Japan.

  5. bigandtall.com has a few online retailers that will ship over seas. You gotta foot the shipping for several but it may be of help to you. I hate it when my slender hubs gets a shirt that fits his collar but ends up like a 3/4 sleeve shirt. He has the curse of "being too thin" (normal BMI for his height). I hope you are able to find something flattering and that fits. Good luck!

  6. 'kathrynoh', you really don't want to see pics of a balding over-forty Gaijin host. Besides, I don't have the hair to tease up.

    'NeonRaine', I have a very bad attitude to Japanese retail. It may be a good suggestion, but I am going with my prejudices. If you note 'SusieTron FiveThousand's' comment, you can see that I may see the same issue.

    Thanks, the same.