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Monday, 21 April 2014

She mentioned 'the war'!

Roasted four pounds of beef, roots, made a Yorkshire pudding and a red wine gravy, and my J-MIL told my J-wife, in Japanese:
This is why they won the war.
It sure beats a naval rice-ration that was only that: beriberi.


  1. Funnily enough, my Sunday roast provoked a similar reaction from the in-laws yesterday, to which I replied 'No, we won because our ideology was better'.

    1. Our intelligence (spying), tactics, strategy, code-breaking and security, procedures and ability to adapt them or improvise, logistics and matériel, morale of the troops, domestic and subjugated peoples*, resource-base, industrial capacity, research and development, combat training and survivability*, harbour-mining, blockade and convoy tactics... I could do this all day, but it was no kind of a fair fight and the intelligent in the military (Yamamoto) told the politicians that. Fact is the Americans never took the Japanese very seriously. Sure they had to take a gun to the knife fight the Japanese started, but they focused first on Germany, because they were the real problem. The beginning of the 'Pacific War' was a holding pattern to perfect 'island hopping' and to pour ships into the water.

      *E.g. we armoured our warplane cockpits, because training a pilot is more trouble than replacing a plane.
      *Look, nobody imagined the Japanese would be better overlords.

    2. Looks like you made a good trip to Hanamasa...

    3. www.themeatguy.jp

      Most satisfied with their product. Hanamasa certainly has no full cuts of beef in my 'hood. They used to have whole chickens, and once even had turkey, but not longer carry either, and never carried either with any reliability.

  2. Holy crap real food. Looks delicious. The best I can do at home is quiche.

  3. I love it when my elders say face palm worthy things. I have learned enough self control to just smile and move on. But damn, I just get this giggly feeling in my belly and for the sake of peace I usually excuse myself to get something from another room.