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Monday, 22 November 2010

About me

It’s all about me! Writing is self-indulgent. The blog is presently about Japan, cycling and hiking, and anything else topical. If it lasts longer than my stay here, the subject matter changes.
I welcome your comments if: they are funny, they are interesting or informative. I might check and delete any crap comments, but I don’t guarantee I can keep up the motivation, so if someone succumbs to ‘Godwin’s Law’, flames, trolls or what have you, don’t blame me. I want to say I won’t reply to any negative comments, but promises are made to be broken. It’s my blog, so I’m not going to humour a %$#@wit, but ban them.
You don’t want to know about me, and I don’t want to give you enough details for my students in Japan or at home to find my blog, because then they’ll show their parents, and their parents will be offended that I have my own mind. That’s not popular among parents, in their teachers or their own children. Causes people to question why some idiot is making bad decisions for them, yet has made so few good ones for themselves. If you respond to me with my name, because you know me or by wild coincidence, your comment is gone. I have to protect the guilty.
Don’t give me any $#!+ about my spelling. I use Canadian spelling, but Microsoft blows so badly that with my dictionary thus set, it still lets me ‘misspell’ in American, and after a lifetime of reading American, British and Commonwealth literature I am supposed not to get confused?
In contrast to the tone of what I write, I am not always disgusted by human venality: that’s when I am amused by human idiocy. N. America has a fatwa on being a sceptic, because nobody wants you looking behind the curtain, or noticing how little the emperor wears. They share that with Japan. Hell, they share that with all but a few grumpy cultures, and my family is from one of them. Some of what I write is going to offend you: “Life can sometimes be that way”.

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