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Monday, 22 November 2010

Abuse of the Language

"Jesus Hands"(sic)?  Thank god it's a hair salon in Kameari, and not on one of the two soaplands in the neighbourhood.  The top line means 'beauty salon', and the bottom line spells out the middle with Japanese' few phonemes: "jeezazu hanzu".  I have no intention of turning this into another blog about abused English, but with a million foreigners in Japan, you couldn't find someone to edit for idiom?  Mind you, there are thousands of idiots with bad kanji tatoos, and their 'artwork' is posted online.  There are even examples of stupid Hebrew.  Let's hope they don't make aliyah.  How cheap and lazy do you have to be to spend thousands of dollars to put up a sign, or sully your skin, and not be certain you won't look an @$$?

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