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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Original Nakagin Capsule Tower Units for Sale

The units are in poor shape, but this is the original and you can buy one of the pods for $50K! It's another case of Japan not foreseeing the value of its architectural heritage (private or public money is another issue, but someone ought to spend it). Only since the '90s did people in Japan worry about preserving traditional houses, and now there are renovation shows about this. This loss of this is going to be regretted, too late. As witless as Toronto about architectural heritage, except they have some volume of interesting.

I don't seriously imagine you'd buy one and have it put on a container-ship, though there are worse investment ideas. Can you imagine 'Falling Water' torn down because of its design flaws? As I said, this is the original, though the present version are coffins, not like these, the size of a Toronto condo.

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