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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Bicycle Tool Kit Contents

It's a cliché posting, I know.  Sorry for the picture quality.
It all fits in the container on the top right.  I have had to use all of the following, with the exception of the spoke ('knock-knock'):
- a spare tube
- several speed patches
- tire levers
- a schraeder-to-presta adapter for gas-station pumps
- a small multi-tool
- Park Tool's brilliant allen key and wrench tool
- a chain tool
- a FiberFix Spoke
- a rag to keep loose parts on
- surgical gloves
- CitraWipes
- front and rear 'be-seen' lights for unforeseen delays
- a reflective sash
- zip-ties

Anything I cannot fix with this, I fix with my cell phone or my wallet!

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