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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Trust an American to pour oil on a fire.

Here's something interesting.  It is not in dispute that an American attached to the consulate in Lahore killed two Pakistanis in the street, had another vehicle come for back-up, which brandished weapons at local law authorities and tossed evidence into the street, and that said American, Raymond Davis, has been a member of American 'special forces' and Xe/Blackwater.  As far as I can tell from overseas, none of the paramilitary connections are getting reported in American or Canadian newspapers.

If you believe the Guardian, which you should more than other English newspapers, he is a CIA operative and Obama has pressured domestic (which seems to include Canada...) news sources to bury the links to American intelligence.  Although he may only have been a member of American 'special forces' and Xe/Blackwater, and not a CIA operative, and was just operating in self-defence from street-thugs, and not making a hit...  %$#@ it.  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a %$#@ing duck.

Here is how you lose an empire.  You let your people run wild without consequence concurrent to a revolution against US supported satraps in the Arab world, which is going to spread to the Muslim world.  I wonder if the US is more pissed with this, or the Pakistani government more scared about satisfying its paymaster or its people.  The Americans should get a bullet into his head fast, as that's about the only way to tidy this mess.

Opened up Slate this morning and the news is all over the US.  Turns out the NY Times, which had buried the story for the convenience of Washington, has reported it (in a highly disingenuous article), now that The Guardian has (see why you should read the Guardian?).  Guess you still can't hide all the news in the US yet: just bury it for a month and from the majority of the population.  Thank god I eschewed journalism as a profession.

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