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Monday, 28 February 2011

'Hello Kitty' goes feral!

Credit goes to these two sources for the video of this idiocy (you should also visit the funniest 'Hello Kitty' site).  If there's one orientalist thing you can say about Japanese culture: no sense of irony.  Back at this link, I have to say:
- the rhinocerous wins for sheer lunacy
- the polar bear actor is either a woman, or 'runs like a girl'
- the orangutan actor is going for an Oscar
- no second-guessing of why they could not capture that monkey in Shizuoka all over the news for months?

A few questions:
- the journalists are inside with the tiger to fill him with junk food?
- the guys holding the rope fence are not going to run away screaming like AKB48?
- one dude with a quarterstaff will hold off a tiger in his prime?
- does every goddamned thing have to be represented by kawaii anime, including the possibility of mauling by an alpha-predator?!

Japanese culture: there's never a 'plan B'.

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