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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Wife's Sudentenlands.

I love my wife, but... she considers a work space, or living space, like the one in the picture to be organized.  This is an erroneous opinion; however, I can humour the woman I love, so long as she does not invade my space.

If I had my way, all flat surfaces would be clear of clutter so they can be dusted in one wipe, and all books, papers, tools, etc would be in drawers or inside glass-doored cabinets.  You give up a lot when you get married, and if you are one of the few as fortunate as me, you gain more than you lose.  And yet... though I understand shared spaces are not going to be as barren of clutter as should be, why does she have to invade my spaces, treating them as her Sudetenlands?

It is too frequent to be accidental.  Each day, I have to remove her items from my smaller shelves in the living room, or her make-up articles from my fewer shelves in the bathroom, or her contact solution from my one-third of the counter above the sink.  I know she has a plan, but I'm going down fighting!

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  1. Start hiding the things she puts in your private space, but when she approaches you about it, comfort her and try to help her find what she "lost." You must show genuine concern, or else your cover may be blown.

    When several of my lady's belongings started to "disappear" as she carelessly misplaced them in my territory, she quickly concluded that it would best to declutter and organize her things.

    Whether you return what she "lost" is entirely up to you. Placing them in completely unrelated places can make for a fun game, but as I said earlier, may blow your cover.