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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Finding posts

Yeah, I am running out of ideas.  I feel like I keep needing to feed the beast, but:
- I don't know what you people want
- ideas run in fits and starts
- I am always short of time with a wife and an infant who deserve more of mine
- I don't have a consistent schtick

I think the latter is the obvious problem.  Help me out here.  Which posts of mine are memorable to you?


  1. In order -
    1. It doesn't matter what 'we' want.
    2. They do, don't they?
    3. As it should be.
    4. Good. Same old same old gets boring fast.

    None of which is helpful, I realise.

    As for the fits and starts thing. I'll start writing one thing, but find it ends up somewhere different. I'll still keep a hold of a note of where I thought it would go, and maybe revisit later, write what I thought I'd write in the first place. 'Schedule posts' is your friend, or it is mine at least. If I've got decent enough 'main' posts for the next couple of weeks then I can just bang away at the keyboard without feeling like I 'have' to come up with anything.

    All that being said, you've been at this longer than I have, so there's a fair chance I'll be asking similar questions sooner rather than later.

  2. Does anyone need a schtick? I've got a similar, but opposite problem. My post map is more or less finished, but what I can 'here-and there's keep popping in.

    And just recently, I've been re-reading Stephen King books and feel like they are re-reading me. Which is really creepy, but not for the creepy parts. What's creepy is how parallel some of the material is to what surrounds us all... even though we might not want to talk about it.

    One of my titles for a post, Fr g nt d (or something like that) was inspired by the missing keys on the typewriter in Misery.

    One short story, Everything's Eventual, is really spinning me out. A number of the deceased had made conscious decisions to stay away from computers and were harder to track down. I've known people who stay away from computers, intentionally keeping very low profiles. And that freaks me out.

    Okay, you actually asked a question. The most memorable post for me was the one that required I go read a short story by following a link.

    I dunno...

    Or, maybe you can try to explain why "They can't say 'cunt' in Canada". Which is a brilliant song, by the way. Unless, of course, you already knew this. Which you probably do. Which is just eventual.

    1. Canada is very 'PC': about as politically correct as we are hypocrites. That is, nobody will buy a house in a neighbourhood with 'those people'.

  3. A blog is a blog is a blog... it's just a place for you to brainfart your ideas, nonsense, silliness, whatever... Don't worry about what people want. Just fart it out onto your blog and hope it's not a wet one.