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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

'Shock and Awe'

On my way out of a convenience store in Tokyo's Shitamachi I passed by an apprentice rikishi in geta and yukata.  This is Tokyo.  I don't know which of us was gawking more, or covering it better.  Blazé.

It just goes to show how I describe this town: 'if you're bored in Toronto, you've spent a full day there; if you're bored in Tokyo, kill yourself.'  Tokyo can wear you down.  It will certainly wear you out.  Escaping out of country, or to the sea or mountains domestically, is an essential survival strategy; however, if you're so enervated that Tokyo bores you, there's nowhere on Earth that will cure your ennui.  Top yourself.  No, don't top yourself, please.  Make changes in your life: last choice is see a shrink for pills.

That's not me, or him, in the picture.  I grow a poor beard, but am taller and more handsome, needless to say.  That shirt...


  1. "That's not me, or him, in the picture"

    I laughed out loud @ this :)

    I was lucky enough to get a pic with Asashoryu before anyone knew who he was...he was not yet an Ozeki. I saw his Yokozuna ceremony on T.V. when I was in Hawaii and almost broke a hand digging for the pic.....and I found it :)

  2. I saw a sumo wrestler at Warabi Station in Saitama on Monday. I was surprised. I don't see many in person out in public. I've been to 3 tournaments in Tokyo, though. But the best thing was when I talked to Musashimaru. Seemed like a nice guy.

  3. I have to agree... I can't say I've ever been bored in Tokyo. But, then again, I'm from a country where pulling up a lawn chair, grabbing a can of beer out of the cooler, and watching the sun go from 10 degrees up in the sky to down beyond the horizon is a pleasurable thing to do. Introduce me to one person born in Tokyo who would enjoy doing this three times a week and I'll be f@#king shocked...