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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Michael Bryant, shut up and fire your PR representative

If the fucker (a lawyer) had not left the scene, made his first call to his PR firm, not 911, and got off in a suspect manner, I might have finished reading this pack of lies so well rehearsed to match the surveillance tapes, but I would still be inclined to believe he was met by the police at that hotel bar so he could pretend he got above the limit after the murder, not before.  Even the Toronto police spokesman has said he is full of shit (I hate respecting the actions of a cop).
Hey Bryant! Time to hire a new PR firm. Judging by the comments on your interview/book-shill you'd do better for yourself to shut up. Then again, you're not aiming this swill at 99% of us, just the 1% who can give you back a career.  You already stayed out of jail for a death/murder recorded on video, and didn't get tested for blood-alcohol, whereas the rest of us would have been cooked. Count yourself lucky. I'd suggest you atone, but I don't think that is something you do, and the fact that psychopaths can't atone might be why your wife left, or maybe it was being witness to what you did that night (then there are the rumours that it was not your wife you were with...).

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