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Friday, 24 August 2012

Obligatory Lance Armstrong Post

So he's not going to fight charges, and he's going to lose his seven Tours.  I guess Greg Lemond is the only American to win le Tour!*
(because I can't stand to see Armstrong's fucking face)

I shouldn't care, except to be glad we won't see his smug mug anymore once the news has spun out.  He should, guilty or not, sit back and enjoy his cash, well or ill-gotten, and not care at all, but his kind... it will kill him.  This kind, driven so hard to win that he devoted all of his time and energy, with or without pharmaceuticals, to winning the most well known race in cycling - and skipped the others, giving him an advantage over other competitors - needs external validation, and constantly.  I can tell you the reason he is not fighting it this time is he won't face the accusations, true or not, like a man.

Of course, guilty is the most economical explanation, and I like economical explanations:
- he won seven times
- he recovered from cancer and won
- he won in a field of dopers
- his teammates have been caught
- his teammates accuse him of same
- he acts a right cock, including going after Lemond for accusing him, and wrecking Lemond's relationship with Trek

Yeah, it's a fucking duck.

But if pro-sports are in any way self defining, you are a chump.  Brain-injury and 'roids in football, match-fixing in Sumo, the entirety of the five-ring circus (Olympics)...  You have to be far more credulous than I.  When there's money, people cheat; when people cheat, everyone else has to do so to keep up.

*I read that joke elsewhere.  Wish it were mine.

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