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Monday, 12 November 2012

Cycling a pair of kids: outside/inside the box?

I have already addressed whether it is better to have a 'long bike' or a trailer to move a pair of kids, though I am now against the idea of a trailer.  I have also looked at tandems, though that is a larger expense for what I'd want.  It's very hard to choose between child trailers, 'long bikes' and tandems, because as a pair of kids age the ease of schlepping them decreases, and the amount they want to be independent increases: up to six, they have to be schlepped; from six to ten they want to pedal, but you'll want to keep them on a tandem.  I have one child soon 2 1/2, and another soon to be born.  Another issue is me (6'+) sharing a bike with my wife (5'1"), though more likely I won't be able to make one thing work for us both.

A Kona Ute set up with a baby-seat for the younger, and stoker-bar for the older one, will cost about $1150, which beats a Surly Big Dummy by a cool grand.  Comes in two sizes, but won't be able to share with the wife.
Tempting, but will get just six years of full use.

An Xtracycle Cargo Joe folds smaller, which is a neat trick, will get the same use, and comes in three sizes. (One size does not fit all: why I am not interested in the Madsen).  It will also cost $200 more than the Kona Ute, set up as I need it.

Then there is this: the Zigo Leader.
It is a bit of a 'dog's breakfast', and $1675 set up as I want (fenders!), but reviews are good.  No, it won't be fast, but how fast should you go with your progeny aboard?  It is a more versatile bakfeits, and much cheaper, and easier to store at home or in a vehicle.  It is meant to fit all sizes of cyclist, which will mean it will be cramped for me, but a set-back seatpost and different bars/stem may help (as is true for the Madsen, Xtracycle, etc.).

It will get only three years' use to the 'long bike's' six, after which I will likely want to get... a 'long bike'.  Hmm...  Though the Zigo may have 50% resale, as would the 'long bike', not sure it is worth going for.  If I'd had twins...

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