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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Weekend morning language lessons

Scene: Lying in to the late hour of seven o'clock on the weekend, in a pile of futons.  Antisthenes woken by his J-wife and hybrid, wanting nothing more than for them to shut up, make him coffee, or better yet, both.

Hybrid: I'll do it in here!
J-wife: What?
Hybrid: I'll do it in here!
J-wife: Do what?
Hybrid: In here!
J-wife: What?  There's no object in your sentence.
Antisthenes: He is speaking Japanese...

Hybrid: What's that?!
J-wife: Eye blows.
Antisthenes: Eyebrows.
Hybrid: What's that?!
J-wife: Eye brushes.
Antisthenes: Eyelashes!  You are forbidden from teaching my child English!

Incidentally, you can fit this medium Dominos pizza special in a child's seat, in Japan.  As exciting as my life gets.


  1. Yes. The pizza must be protected at all costs. Literally, given the price of the damn things here. Cheaper just to raise another child from scratch, almost.

    1. kamo, '2-for-1' is the only way to go, even if I have to bike a couple km. It's ridiculous the cost of delivery pizza here, when you can even find some recognizable as pizza (fuck off with the seaweed, corn and mayo already*). Even more ridiculous since even pick-up costs as much as quite good restaurant pizza here, when you can find it, and delivery costs double: http://www.stillfoods.com/1830/index.html

      *I once made a Japanese pizza at a Toronto party as a joke, but I forgot a certain culture doesn't do irony: J-wife's friends obliterated it in an instant.