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Friday, 28 December 2012

It's not paranoia, when history proves it true.

Margaret Thatcher and her chancellor Sir Geoffrey Howe were behind a politically toxic plan in 1982 to dismantle the welfare state, newly released Downing Street documents show.
Funny, same thing under Reagan at the same time, and just look after 1982 on that chart.  Revolution or collapse always comes, unless your industrialists are smart enough to loosen the screws: 'The New Deal'.  What I want to know is are the 1% ignorant of all history and the term 'blowback', figure they'll be dead when it comes and could care less about their own progeny, think it will be different this time and they'll keep it all forever, or simply act according to their nature: feed their bloodlust on the slavery of others as viciously as they can at any given chance, damn the consequences?

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