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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Metrofeits/Soma Pick Up Artist

This is what I'd get for my kids back in Canada, if I had the garage for it...  Nine feet long.

This has been well reviewed.  It ain't perfect, and a Cetma is better, but you pay the difference (the Dutch brands cost more because of duty and shipping - poor value).  It is an outstanding deal for this kind of bike: $2000 US to $2500 with some options.  These guys should get as much press as possible.  There are competitors out there, but none that don't cost $1000 more, or much more.  Some Chinese made pieces of shit will cost half, and last a fraction as long, handle and stop poorly.  How much are your kids worth?

However, as the mechanic in the third link points out, box bike are looong and noodley.  Something like a Bilenky cargo is much less trouble, though you need more skill for loading the kids and getting underway.  Of course, the Bilenky is something like $6K; the more reasonable Circe Morpheus $3K, and shipping from the UK; and something the same for this; the $2K Kidz Tandem is a bit graceless, and too long; but Soma is going to make up the 'Pick Up Artist', a shorter version, for $1.5K, which is a steal!
You could actually manoeuvre this thing around a city and into a van or truck.  I could totally make a kid box out of marine plywood or black HDPE, put the kids back to back and their feet could go down front and back of the wheel, out of the way of turning.  Put a boom of the front a few years later and have a hi-lo tandem.  Hope Soma figures this out so I don't have to do my own building...

Yes, a trailer and options costs only about $500, but with this you can see the kids and reach out to bop them on the helmet when they need it.


  1. Is it stable? It doesn't look stable. Probably a much better option than having the kids behind you where you have no idea what they are doing. I've had to run after mum's a few times cos the kid has dropped a toy, shoe etc.

    1. Never rode one, but am told they are. I imagine the main thing is having a stable stand for loading, and making the kids gets helmets on before getting in, in case it tumbles...

  2. Bopping ability is always a good option to have when more than one child is present. It's better than the rear view in my moms van and you won't have to worry about reaching behind you with a wooden spoon.

    My gramps had a cargo tricycle and I always thought it was too bulky. He would have loved the pick up artist.