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Monday, 21 January 2013

'Infill' is one thing, but...

The green-roofed isosceles, map-centre. Rough estimate is 100 square feet, over two floors! Not a random Internet find: I walked past it yesterday. I am not sure if I am more impressed or dumbfounded that the owner fit trees on the property.  Note the car in the picture, and the aerial view.  If single just just buy a camper:
- bigger
- better designed
- better insulated than a Japanese home
- more privacy
- easier to 'move house'
- cheaper...

For long-term use you'd need at least electrical hook-up for your heating and a/c, etc.  Otherwise find a place to park cheaply and use your engine to recharge, without disturbing the neighbours (who you know would complain because of your nonconformity, never mind the ambient noise and pollution of the factories next door).  Also a reasonable place for septic dump and filling water. When you compare it to housing in Japan, this kind of life begins to look enviable...


Someone got there already!  Hey, even paid-parking in the picture is only 800y for a good night's sleep.  Love that the dude in the furo is Japanese enough to have a towel on his head.  You could do the same more discretely with skylights on top, and one-way glass on the sides, and maybe skip the hydraulic second-floor.


  1. I really have no words... Can't decide on amazing or hideous...

  2. I am most blown away by the tree....they musta built around it/next to it..

    if it is built to western hemisphere code and the cynder block gives perspective that corner...after drywall has about 10 inches of horizontal space that increases by 1 inch per 6 going backwards...that would be a waste of space for a fucking shed...it is less than 4 feet usable at the OTHER side.....

    It musta been built so no one would park there. Can you imagine building that thing? I can build and looking behind me at that thing would make me laugh and then maybe puke...trees had to die for that fucking thing

    HOLY SHIT!!!

  3. Thinnest house in the world.

    I didn't realize that triangle house was as tiny as you first described it a few posts back. I guess it's cool and artsy to live in a closet?

    1. It is very much not a cool part of town, and not a well designed building. Not like your link.