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Friday, 4 January 2013

Japan is a cycling society

But it doesn't mean they know shit.  I saw this proper mountain bike today, with a kickstand and a mamachari basket off the front.  Dude, do what you like, but it's harnessing a Clydesdale to pull a chaise.
Then of course there are all the singlespeeds set up to look like fixed-gear messenger bikes, which I could put up with well enough, but dudes, kickstands?
That and the men's hair-care product section is as big as the women's.  I am shocked your women give you as many children as the few they do, or that you are able to make even as few as this.

Man up!


  1. Bwahaha! So true. Although, to be fair, my Japanese female friends tell me, they're up for it, the husbands aren't so keen. Maybe they're tired from putting hair products in...

    1. Ha! When I was a young and available sleazy JET I did find the Japanese women of my age were up for it, at least by comparison to what I was familiar with: Canadian university girls invariably taking a minor in Women's Studies. Study what you want, but apart from 'no means no', keep the gender politics out of the bedroom, thanks. Of course, the same married heterosexually and 'good earners', but I'm the cynic...

      I'd give the J-men a break with the long (and pointless) hours they put in, except they clearly have the energy left to go pay for sex, given the size of the industry here. I cannot see what their problems are with their wives, given that the average Japanese adult is thinner and better kept than the average Anglophone. I think it is the mommy-complex so many Japanese men have with women, when they don't have a pederast complex with little girls.

  2. I read that the sales of adult diapers surpassed the sale of children's diapers just a few months ago for the first time in Japan...in any modern industrialized world.

    Not a good sign ...I think we can both agree.

    1. Demographic doom indeed.

      Not sure where you are in Japan, which is something you may be keeping discrete, as I do to a point: NE corner of Tokyo 23 wards. However, if you get out to the sticks, or live in them, there are almost NO children or youth there, tonnes of people over seventy, and half of the houses are empty. Even if the in-migration to the main cities continues well enough to sustain these, the votes and infrastructure of the countryside is an insupportable drain, not to mention social-security (which I support in principle as a leftie, but you have to have productivity to pay for it with).

  3. I think I read somewhere recently that Japan's population decreased by a few hundred thousand in 2012. And if time is spent making hair instead of babies, that doesn't fair well for the geriatrics of Japan. Who will be alive to take care of the old if there are no new?!