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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

"Sleep deprivation in pupils..."

"...according to [Japanese] teachers."
Took me seconds to demolish this 'study' and article that some 'educator' is founding his sinecure on.  Too bad they only listen to each other: not me.

I have never seen such sleep deprived people as Japanese between ten and retirement, not that they use their time with any efficiency.  I can't believe anyone still gives any 'expert' money to sample on reported behaviour.  And to do so cross-culturally... Christ.

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  1. Korea should be pretty high up there too. From what I understand they have grueling school hours plus studying at home. Sometimes with extra lessons stuffed in for good measure. Cram school sounds atrocious!

    Where is the study that shows the brain kinda goes into auto-pilot vs. learning mode after 2 hours of continuous study. (Don't quote me, I can't recall the study I read the exact time in.)