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Saturday, 15 February 2014

'Hafu' VISA commercial face-palm

MicroaggressionInsensitivityNot getting it?  Complete lack of empathy?

Fuck it.  I haven't the energy to care about Japan anymore.  I'm gone in the summer.  No children of mine are getting raised by these people (apart from by the wife, abroad).


  1. Why the sudden deletion. Interestingly, there are no translations for Asian languages on articles such as this one:

    Many philosophical articles don't seem to ever get translated to Japanese. Oh, maybe once enlightenment kicks in they'll do. Probably not in the next hundred years then.

  2. Had to deal with usual TV nuttiness this last week because we wanted to watch Olympics coverage... ugh.

    You're almost to the finish line; hang in there. (Was going to be an ass and say 'ganbare', but that's not even funny...)

    1. Thanks.

      I'm not a pro sports fan, but wanted to watch the hockey final (assuming it was Canada vs. someone, preferably the US). Turns out it starts at midnight Tokyo time, Sunday the 23rd... Yeah, not going to try to make a pub-night out for that.